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Our Pledge to You

If you're not happy with any aspect if your service, we will make you happy, guaranteed!

First we want to thank you for choosing us to assist you in finding that one special person! Since 1995, our goal has been to provide the very best service possible, and if there ever is a problem with that service to address it and resolve it immediately.

Serving you, the client, is our number one priority. We have helped thousands of couples come together over the years and that certainly is one of our goals, but even more important than that is how each and every one of our clients is treated. Although we are much larger then we were when we started, we still want every one of our clients to have a favorable experience throughout the entire process. To that end it is our pledge, our guarantee, to you that you will be satisfied with the service you receive from us and if you're not, we will rectify the situation until you are fully satisfied - simple as that. If ever you feel there is a problem or issue with any aspect of the service all you have to do is call our Customer Service number (602) 553-8178 ext. 205, or E-mail us at afa@loveme.com. If for some reason you are not getting satisfaction at that level we will be happy to assist.

The dating arena is an exciting place to be but there can be pitfalls and problems that can and do occur within the industry and within any company. The true test of a company is how they deal with those problems. Our company stands behind what we do 100 percent and has done so since 1995! If you ever have an issue, no matter how large or how small just call or E-mail us and we will deal with it to your satisfaction guaranteed!


John Adams
President, A Foreign Affair
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